In Ant Sandwich, denizens of an underground formicary slave away in crude laboratories to build a bounteous world they will never inhabit or enjoy.  As they move towards more complex creations, their ineptitude becomes increasingly undeniable.  They fail and fail again, these stupid beings, until their invasive and noxious creations threaten to engulf them and their very cause.  But one creation might absolve them in a blaze of glory, blood and fur.

Puppets designed by Katie Jackson

Puppet and set painting by Justin Dunford

Sound design by Christopher Daniello

Light design by Kevin Taylor

 with Camella Clements, Justin Dunford, Ciaran Finlayson, Karen Imas, Kelly Switzer, Mike Switzer and Tyrrell Woolbert.

 Puppet build crew: Sarah Andreeff, Garrett Arnold, Robin Babb, Vince Bruno, Camella Clements, Chris Crawford, Justin Dunford, Raymond Dunlop, Ciaran Finlayson, Antje Kalinauskas, Karen Imas, Elizabeth Jackson, Katie Jackson, Joel Orr, Kelly Switzer, Mike Switzer, Nick Watt, Tyrrell Woolbert and Robin Zeigler.


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