Bobbindoctrin reveals the truth that other liberal arts institutions continue to evade: WE ARE IMMERSED IN AN INVISIBLE WAR WITH DEMONIC FORCES BENT ON ENSLAVING MANKIND.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland,during man’s final battles with Satanic forces, a roving band of puppeteers recreates the inspirational story of the lapsed Jew who changed the world and aided the arrival of the End Times. Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre proudly makes their 14 Pews debut with the new play MY COLD DEAD FINGERS by Joel Orr with puppets by Katie Jackson. Recoil in horror for your weak immortal soul as puppets (of the hand and the rod) reveal the incontrovertible truth of the demons that control our world today and the fearless New Apostles tasked to combat them.

Puppet designed by Katie Jackson

Stage designed and built by Justin Dunford and Wayne Barnhill

Puppets built by Katie Jackson, Joel Orr, Elizabeth Jackson, Camella Clements and Cindy Romero

Performed November 2011 at 14 Pews, 800 Aurora St., Houston TX


Wayne Barnhill as Medical Review Board 1, Mr. Prebilsky, Student 1, Agent, Spider Pretard, Guard 1 – Mark Carrier as Medical Review Board 3, Student 2, Gary, Dr. Klein – Justin Dunford as Beatrice, Medical Review Board 2, Danny, Daniel, Ted, Strange Lens, Guard 2 – Elizabeth Jackson as Mrs. Ratcheson, Amy, Mary, Ms. Claymore – Kalob Martinez as Josh, Student 3, Minor Demon, Flaming Sword –  Camella Clements operating Belial, Strange Lens, Sphincter, Fiddler Crab Pretard, Demon Fetuses and general puppetry support


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